Annihilations LLC.


Upon arrival in Urubaen, the group ends up exiting into a rather decrepit looking area, with missing walls and a floor held together with duct tape and prayers. As you might expect, the weight of their arrival caused the floor to collapse. The party acted quickly enough to cast fly on 2 party members (Daniel and Luke), while Alex grabbed Stephen and spider climbed onto the ceiling.
The floor falls from under them and lands in the harbor area disrupting the tangled together boats and waking some lightning drakes. The partly flies down and lands on the boats and defeats the drakes, including Luke beating one bad enough to take out it’s entire HP total in one turn, and Stephen having some pretty dramatic swings between boats. They bed down on one of the piers after a ridiculously long day.

Totals as of 9-17-2013
Alex 204309
Daniel 159200
Luke 160455
Steven 202116

Tower cooldown is at 52.5 hours at 2:30AM on day 91.



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