Annihilations LLC.

Previously, on Annihilations LLC.

The party picked up Muska (Uncle of Kanna, who works (worked) at Content Not Found: Mordecai‘s orphanage. she had previously told them about her uncle’s quest for the missing city of Urubaen), from Greenstone Bay.
He had put all his things in storage, and rented out his shop (he does this occasionally when he goes on expeditions to the Desert to look for Urubaen relics) before joining up with the party. He also agreed to give up his share of the treasure, in exchange for being allowed to take extensive notes and getting credit for the discovery when the lost city of Urubaen was eventually found.

The party teleported to the Desert of Tarsis at COORDINATES_LOADING… where Muska had heard of a large Urubaen relic in that area. After searching for at least a week, the party came accross the relic in question (actually more of a ruined building), which several bandits had taken to using for a base.

The party has fought their way through the bandits, discovered a large cart full of gold and some items, and even defeated the bandit leaders. They have also re-activated a generator (which spat out some living spells for them to fight) to restore power to the partly ruined building, but have yet to explore where the elevator at the end of the hall will take them.

Current In-game Day/Time is Day 89 of the campaign, roughly mid to late afternoon. Teleporter cooldown on the Tower is complete.



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