Annihilations LLC.

Session on 7-17-2013

Moxxi's Grog and Girls

Muska has realized that the way to Urubaen lies at the great monolith. They travel to the city of Haka’tor and head to the museum so Content Not Found: Muska_ can do some research on the monolith. On the way up to the top level, a pickpocket tries to grab some stuff from Khalid and (when Dairchan shows his MIB badge) runs, but Content Not Found: Elam_ managed to catch him before he got far. It turns out this individual Content Not Found: Tallsquare works for the local thieves’ guild. However, a few hours later when they leave the museum (Muska having determined that the way to Urubaen is somewhere at the base of the monolith in the middle), 2 angry looking half-orcs come up to Dairchan and say “Miss Moxxi would like a word with you”. He follows them down to about floor 11 (using ring of communication to keep the others apprised. Moxxi takes him into the back room, and starts asking what exactly he is doing here. When he informs her that he would like to get in contact with the local thieves’ guild, she decides to have him thrown off the side of the city (at this point Khalid, Elam, and Muska arrive and battle is joined, with Niku joining in (he had been having a quiet drink in the bar when his cousin walked in and got shot at by the bartender). After chasing Moxxi down a trap door into the thieves’ guild, and meeting up with Tallsquare again (who decided he didn’t like working for Moxxi and joined their side) they tie up Moxxi and start to interrogate her (while faking a southern drawl and claiming his name was Mac Fleetwood). She manages to get loose and tries to attack Dairchan, who promptly smashed her skull in with the assistance of Elam. He then gets Tallsquare to act as the new head of the thieves guild and introduces himself to Niku.

Tower cooldown is at 63 hours at 4pm of day 90.

Totals as of 7-17-2013
Alex 194309
Daniel 149000
Luke 151855
Steven 193716



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