Annihilations LLC.


(Quick note we totally skipped over several sessions because we just didn’t write about them. shut up. sleep is important. get off my back)

Session skipped over: they fought off some more lightning drakes possibly sticking to the ceiling in the process (lift mechanism that got supercharged by the drakes). They then headed over to the central building that had the gravity beams coming out of it. They explore inside and discover a medium sized gravity elemental, which was charmed by Nicolae (we named him Bob). Then they looked around the corner and discovered Bob’s cousins, most of which were size Huge. Kahleed messed with the runes on the walls until Bob slapped his hand away, though Kahleed did manage to make the building tilt slightly to the west. They entered into the giant cube thing and proceeded to map it out and fight off some phase spiders. The phase spider they didn’t fight off Nicolae charmed (it speaks Aklo, which of course Kahleed speaks. why wouldn’t he) and while the party doesn’t have the right number of mandibles to pronounce it properly, it is willing to accept being called Squartle. After solving the puzzle of the tesseract, they realized that the system doesn’t have enough power to operate properly, so they decide to head to that building next. While riding the tram up there, they spot a bunch of humanoids milling around in the “town square” (area 10), but because of the angle they only see it for a brief moment, so all they can tell is that there are a lot of them, they are humanoid, and they are somewhat darkly colored (no drow levels of dark, but a bit lighter). They are in the entrance to the power station, and are planning on exploring it next session.

Totals as of 12-24-2013
Alex 216108
Daniel 171000
Luke 173555
Steven 212816

Tower cooldown is at 15 hours at 4pm on day 93


The group finished exploring the shipping district. Highlights include Alex finding the Golden Paperclip (worth 61GP) and going fly fishing with the harbor crane. Kahleed was all psyyched up to repair the elevator, but it turns out it worked decently well anyway. After nearly blowing up the tram to the warehouse island, the group moved over there and discovered some kind of nest with a collection of odd yet interesting items. There were also some candles which had not yet burned out, but did burn downward as they explored.

It seems there is someone else in the city with them after all.

Among the items, they found:

  • a small crystal that slightly glows. whenever it is brought near a red object it pulses slowly.
  • a small marble sphere (about fist sized) floating 6 inches above a shelf. if touched it falls and doesn’t start floating again until it is left alone for 1 hour.
  • a tattered fragment of a scroll, there’s not enough of it to cast or learn from, but there is enough that it doesn’t look like any other spell you know. (taken by Nicolae)
  • a clock (old and dusty, but not at all damaged) which has 4 hands 1 of which runs backward, and the face is divided into 17 segments. It does not correspond to any dating system you recognize.
  • what looks like some kind of game board, but very worn down and missing several pieces. It doesn’t look like any gameboard you’ve previously seen.
  • a childs puppet, which looks perfectly normal, except for the third eye on it’s forehead.
  • 24 wands, all completely spent, in various materials (glass, bone, ivory, wood, metal, etc)
  • a small rounded pebble, which registers slightly to detect magic (universal), but you have no idea what it does.
  • a white ivory cane, intricately carved, topped with a handle of amber. inside the amber is a small creature that you do not recognize. it looks like it has 6 legs, and feathered wings, but the feathers look more like dragonfly wings.
  • a sundial which shows a shadow cast on it despite being indoors. the time is wrong however.
  • a rabbit’s foot, detects as magical, provides no stat bonuses, but reacts as though it were still attached to the rabbit (feels warm to the touch, recoils when poked)
  • a telescope composed of jade, and banded with bloodstone. when you look through it, you see an alien landscape instead of your own (the view still shifts when you move the telescope however)
  • autoquill of jibberish jabberish
  • map of center building (#18. to be drawn.)

As the finished up with the nest of interesting objects.

Totals as of 10-22-2013
Alex 209108
Daniel 164000
Luke 165255
Steven 206916


Now that the sun has risen, the party can see the surrounding buildings and the layout of the city, they make their way into the dock buildings and discover a large growth of a strange purple fungus. Also 2 large fungal creatures with giant mouths that can turn invisible. Luckily Kahleed had a handy dandy swarm of monkeys with witch to coat them and make them visible, turning this into an easy fight. The group is planning on exploring up the tower during the next session.

Totals as of 9-30-2013
Alex 206708
Daniel 161600
Luke 162855
Steven 204516


Upon arrival in Urubaen, the group ends up exiting into a rather decrepit looking area, with missing walls and a floor held together with duct tape and prayers. As you might expect, the weight of their arrival caused the floor to collapse. The party acted quickly enough to cast fly on 2 party members (Daniel and Luke), while Alex grabbed Stephen and spider climbed onto the ceiling.
The floor falls from under them and lands in the harbor area disrupting the tangled together boats and waking some lightning drakes. The partly flies down and lands on the boats and defeats the drakes, including Luke beating one bad enough to take out it’s entire HP total in one turn, and Stephen having some pretty dramatic swings between boats. They bed down on one of the piers after a ridiculously long day.

Totals as of 9-17-2013
Alex 204309
Daniel 159200
Luke 160455
Steven 202116

Tower cooldown is at 52.5 hours at 2:30AM on day 91.


After checking out the area under the partially closed door, and finding a handful of fuses and a note with a crumpled up . They proceed into the guard room attached to the waiting area, and Dairchan proceeds to get hit with a confusion effect of the Magi-turret. Unfortunately, the darkness effect cast on the room did nothing to stop the Magi-turret’s targeting. Eventually Elam tied up Dairchan so he wouldn’t hurt anyone else, and proceeded to wade into the darkness to smash the Magi-turret with his chair.

Adamantine Chairs: the solution to every problem!

After exploring a bit more, and finding the fusebox, they manage to get the power turned on, and enter the code they found into a panel in the control booth, which unlocks the door switch. They proceed into the main portal room, and take a look into the control room. They find a large obvious switch on the wall with an indentation to insert the authorization signet ring they found in the president’s office. They also find a similar signet ring belonging to the head of this facility in his office along with 2 vials of [[:spl|Strange Purple Liquid. After determining that the magilectrical system of the base is pretty weak, and while it used up a lot of power to establish the portal, maintaining it does not require a lot of juice. The system probably won’t be able to take the effort of re-establishing the portal. The also realize that removing the signet ring will start the portal shutting down but it will take several seconds, allowing whoever removes the ring to run and leap through the portal. Everyone decides to head through the portal, with Daniel, Luke and Steven taking a flying leap at the end.

Totals as of 8-16-2013
Alex 201109
Daniel 156000
Luke 157255
Steven 198916

Tower cooldown is at 53 hours at 2AM on day 91.


After the talk with Tallsquare in the last session, he takes Dairchan on a tour of the thieve’s guild including the barracks (mainly used when people need a place to stay for a few days after they finish a job) training room filled with practice locks and stuffed dummies with bells all over them (and a secret exit), Moxxi’s former office, and the vault (a massive door a good 10 feet wide, with a triple nested central dial (with letters numbers and weird symbols), 4 outer dials, and 4 keyholes). After a good 40 minutes poking around with the thing, during which the rest of the party went off to explore the local marketplace, Dairchan discovers the entrance is via a trapdoor in Moxxi’s office (and finds a treasure map inside, along with many interesting and/or valuable items). As part of the effort to open the door, he realizes there is a pit trap in front of the vault door, that leads down to the ground floor. The floor is, however, weakened. After cracking the vault and explaining how to Tallsquare, Dairchan gathered the guild together for a celebration of new leadership. There was much drinking. After everyone was either passed out or gone home, the party got together to investigate the bottom of the pit trap. After busting it open by dropping an Adamantine chair on it. Underneath is a chamber of some kind with several bats that swarmed the party.

Tower cooldown is at 55 hours at 11:59:59pm of day 90.

Totals as of 8-8-2013
Luke:155255 (DING Lvl 11)

Session on 7-17-2013
Moxxi's Grog and Girls

Muska has realized that the way to Urubaen lies at the great monolith. They travel to the city of Haka’tor and head to the museum so Content Not Found: Muska_ can do some research on the monolith. On the way up to the top level, a pickpocket tries to grab some stuff from Khalid and (when Dairchan shows his MIB badge) runs, but Content Not Found: Elam_ managed to catch him before he got far. It turns out this individual Content Not Found: Tallsquare works for the local thieves’ guild. However, a few hours later when they leave the museum (Muska having determined that the way to Urubaen is somewhere at the base of the monolith in the middle), 2 angry looking half-orcs come up to Dairchan and say “Miss Moxxi would like a word with you”. He follows them down to about floor 11 (using ring of communication to keep the others apprised. Moxxi takes him into the back room, and starts asking what exactly he is doing here. When he informs her that he would like to get in contact with the local thieves’ guild, she decides to have him thrown off the side of the city (at this point Khalid, Elam, and Muska arrive and battle is joined, with Niku joining in (he had been having a quiet drink in the bar when his cousin walked in and got shot at by the bartender). After chasing Moxxi down a trap door into the thieves’ guild, and meeting up with Tallsquare again (who decided he didn’t like working for Moxxi and joined their side) they tie up Moxxi and start to interrogate her (while faking a southern drawl and claiming his name was Mac Fleetwood). She manages to get loose and tries to attack Dairchan, who promptly smashed her skull in with the assistance of Elam. He then gets Tallsquare to act as the new head of the thieves guild and introduces himself to Niku.

Tower cooldown is at 63 hours at 4pm of day 90.

Totals as of 7-17-2013
Alex 194309
Daniel 149000
Luke 151855
Steven 193716

Session on 7-2-2013

Running in both 3.5 and Pathfinder at the same time (worked surprisingly well) they went upstairs and Muska crawled into an access hatch to try to get the door open. He set off an alarm which deployed some mechanical guardsmen. Fortunately the guardsmen were very old and had sand in their gears and were rather worn down by the sand. unfortunately, the guardsman’s posts were the next of a Huge sized dustform banded lizard which the party proceeded to kill in 2 rounds (leaving the tiny baby dustform lizards to fend for themselves after they ran off. the monsters…) inside the office they found a hidden compartment with a circlet of persuasion, as well as a vial of Strange Purple Liquid and a mini-tablet key thing on a necklace from the corpse sitting there (as well as the corpse’s signet ring).

They took a bit to search the building top to bottom for any further useful items, and around sunset, they heard a dragon land outside and demand his tribute. They gave him his tribute in the form of an ass kicking, then the session ended.

Special note, chris’ character in this was played by Steven running an NPC Bard Daniel and Alex were running the 3.5 versions of their characters, and Luke and Steven were running in Pathfinder mode. Monsters were run in 3.5 mode.

EDIT:GOD DAMMIT. If you find page online labeled “Pathfinder XP calculator” after searching for “Pathfinder XP calculator”, and it’s titled “Pathfinder XP calculator” obviously it’s an XP calculator for 3.5, I mean really, who wouldn’t be able to deduce that?

XP totals re-calculated:

End of session XP totals:
Alex 185,509
Daniel 140,200
Lisa 185,716 (to apply to her newly arriving character. Previous XP total taken from Chris’ bard, and XP earned tonight by Steven was applied to both Steven and Lisa.)
Luke 143,055
Steven 185,716 (to apply to his newly arriving character. Previous XP total taken from Chris’ bard, and XP earned tonight by Steven was applied to both Steven and Lisa.)

Achievements:None offline for maintenance. Possibly indefinitely

Previously, on Annihilations LLC.

The party picked up Muska (Uncle of Kanna, who works (worked) at Content Not Found: Mordecai‘s orphanage. she had previously told them about her uncle’s quest for the missing city of Urubaen), from Greenstone Bay.
He had put all his things in storage, and rented out his shop (he does this occasionally when he goes on expeditions to the Desert to look for Urubaen relics) before joining up with the party. He also agreed to give up his share of the treasure, in exchange for being allowed to take extensive notes and getting credit for the discovery when the lost city of Urubaen was eventually found.

The party teleported to the Desert of Tarsis at COORDINATES_LOADING… where Muska had heard of a large Urubaen relic in that area. After searching for at least a week, the party came accross the relic in question (actually more of a ruined building), which several bandits had taken to using for a base.

The party has fought their way through the bandits, discovered a large cart full of gold and some items, and even defeated the bandit leaders. They have also re-activated a generator (which spat out some living spells for them to fight) to restore power to the partly ruined building, but have yet to explore where the elevator at the end of the hall will take them.

Current In-game Day/Time is Day 89 of the campaign, roughly mid to late afternoon. Teleporter cooldown on the Tower is complete.

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