Hakator map
Location of Haka’tor

Haka’tor is known for it’s huge monolith (100 stories high) around which the city is built. While the city started off as a trading post around the base of the monolith (it grew further and further out, until one leader decided to build a large wall around the city shortly before a particularly violent period in the desert, so any buildings outside the walls regularly got destroyed, so people began building upwards. Soon it became something of a competition until the bottom 80-90% of the tower was covered in buildings partially hanging off the monolith, thought mostly supported by the buildings above.
There are elevators and lifts all over the city, and they have a bustling trade as no one ever wants to climb 90+ floors on foot. The prices all vary wildly depending on how many floors they go, which floors they travel along (lower levels are cheaper), whether they are going up or down, how much the operator likes you, the price of eggs in china and so on). There are also secret passages all over the city, though there are more among the lower levels (as those get rebuilt less often). A secret passage you may know about might still be secret, might have been blocked off at one or both ends since you last visited the city, or might be common knowledge now.

It should be noted that despite being in a water bordered hex, the city is not actually coastal. There is however a small settlement of buildings and docks and such on the edge of the water to act as the city’s harbor, but the fact remains that the city is 10 miles inland.

  • The very bottom of the city is called The Hive. Like a moat surrounding the tower, yet inside the walls, is the Hive. A sprawling highly disorganized collection of shanty towns and vacant buildings occupied by squatters, there are no main roads here only shadowy alleyways and back streets, the whole thing varies from 2 to 10 floors (though there are plenty of basements and sub-basements and secret cellars, so the ground is pretty darn porous) and only the people who live there can navigate it with any degree of certainty without a compass and map (and those will be picked from your pockets shortly). there are splotches of market stalls, but half of them have prices twice the norm or half quality merch, and the other half are just distractions so someone can pick your pocket. any inns here rent ONLY by the hour, any taverns cut their beer with either piss or water or both, and most of the food is either moldy or has bugs in it. Every now and then, architects visit simply to see if they can study the foundations of the buildings to figure out how the hell they can hold up the rest of the city, but they are pickpocketed and begging, or simply shived within 24 hours.
  • The next zone up (floors 11-35) holds the military centers (prison, garrison, military training yard, and a large coliseum sticking out around floor 28) as well as most taverns and industrial centers. this is where the lower half of the general pop lives and works (unless they work as servants higher up). This is also where the Gnomish Embassy is located, though it’s the only embassy here, and only because the city is right near the Gnomish Border. This level has bridges from it’s lower levels leading out over the Hive to the walls of the city, so any armies don’t need to march though the tiny alleyways to get outside the city.
  • Merchant areas, (floors 36-59) contains the main marketplace, about half of the middle class housing, and most of the temples as well as an underfunded and frequently deserted history museum on floor 56
  • Rich district, (floors 60-79) includes opera houses, theatres, some art museums, 1 or 2 temples, and lots of balconied condos and gardens where the upper class lives
  • Leader’s apartments (floors 80-90) opulently decorated, and unvisited except by trusted guards and the flakymost of the uppercrust.
  • The very top of the monolith (floors 91-100) is unbuilt upon, except for a lookout post that only the leader and his closest guards get access to.

(Image of city is still under construction)


0-10 The Hive
11-35 Military centers, Gnomish embassy (floor 30), Moxxi’s Grog and Girls (floor 11)
36-59 Merchant areas, markets, and where the upper half of the general population of the city lives, as well as nearly
60-79 lots of balconied condos and suites where the upper class lives, as well as opera houses and theatres.
80-90 exclusively where the leader lives (whether it’s a king or emperor or mayor or council varies, but they live and work at the top)
91-100 unbuilt upon (except for a lookout post at the very top that only the city leader is allowed access to)


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