Annihilations LLC.


The group finished exploring the shipping district. Highlights include Alex finding the Golden Paperclip (worth 61GP) and going fly fishing with the harbor crane. Kahleed was all psyyched up to repair the elevator, but it turns out it worked decently well anyway. After nearly blowing up the tram to the warehouse island, the group moved over there and discovered some kind of nest with a collection of odd yet interesting items. There were also some candles which had not yet burned out, but did burn downward as they explored.

It seems there is someone else in the city with them after all.

Among the items, they found:

  • a small crystal that slightly glows. whenever it is brought near a red object it pulses slowly.
  • a small marble sphere (about fist sized) floating 6 inches above a shelf. if touched it falls and doesn’t start floating again until it is left alone for 1 hour.
  • a tattered fragment of a scroll, there’s not enough of it to cast or learn from, but there is enough that it doesn’t look like any other spell you know. (taken by Nicolae)
  • a clock (old and dusty, but not at all damaged) which has 4 hands 1 of which runs backward, and the face is divided into 17 segments. It does not correspond to any dating system you recognize.
  • what looks like some kind of game board, but very worn down and missing several pieces. It doesn’t look like any gameboard you’ve previously seen.
  • a childs puppet, which looks perfectly normal, except for the third eye on it’s forehead.
  • 24 wands, all completely spent, in various materials (glass, bone, ivory, wood, metal, etc)
  • a small rounded pebble, which registers slightly to detect magic (universal), but you have no idea what it does.
  • a white ivory cane, intricately carved, topped with a handle of amber. inside the amber is a small creature that you do not recognize. it looks like it has 6 legs, and feathered wings, but the feathers look more like dragonfly wings.
  • a sundial which shows a shadow cast on it despite being indoors. the time is wrong however.
  • a rabbit’s foot, detects as magical, provides no stat bonuses, but reacts as though it were still attached to the rabbit (feels warm to the touch, recoils when poked)
  • a telescope composed of jade, and banded with bloodstone. when you look through it, you see an alien landscape instead of your own (the view still shifts when you move the telescope however)
  • autoquill of jibberish jabberish
  • map of center building (#18. to be drawn.)

As the finished up with the nest of interesting objects.

Totals as of 10-22-2013
Alex 209108
Daniel 164000
Luke 165255
Steven 206916



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