Annihilations LLC.


(Quick note we totally skipped over several sessions because we just didn’t write about them. shut up. sleep is important. get off my back)

Session skipped over: they fought off some more lightning drakes possibly sticking to the ceiling in the process (lift mechanism that got supercharged by the drakes). They then headed over to the central building that had the gravity beams coming out of it. They explore inside and discover a medium sized gravity elemental, which was charmed by Nicolae (we named him Bob). Then they looked around the corner and discovered Bob’s cousins, most of which were size Huge. Kahleed messed with the runes on the walls until Bob slapped his hand away, though Kahleed did manage to make the building tilt slightly to the west. They entered into the giant cube thing and proceeded to map it out and fight off some phase spiders. The phase spider they didn’t fight off Nicolae charmed (it speaks Aklo, which of course Kahleed speaks. why wouldn’t he) and while the party doesn’t have the right number of mandibles to pronounce it properly, it is willing to accept being called Squartle. After solving the puzzle of the tesseract, they realized that the system doesn’t have enough power to operate properly, so they decide to head to that building next. While riding the tram up there, they spot a bunch of humanoids milling around in the “town square” (area 10), but because of the angle they only see it for a brief moment, so all they can tell is that there are a lot of them, they are humanoid, and they are somewhat darkly colored (no drow levels of dark, but a bit lighter). They are in the entrance to the power station, and are planning on exploring it next session.

Totals as of 12-24-2013
Alex 216108
Daniel 171000
Luke 173555
Steven 212816

Tower cooldown is at 15 hours at 4pm on day 93



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