Annihilations LLC.


After checking out the area under the partially closed door, and finding a handful of fuses and a note with a crumpled up . They proceed into the guard room attached to the waiting area, and Dairchan proceeds to get hit with a confusion effect of the Magi-turret. Unfortunately, the darkness effect cast on the room did nothing to stop the Magi-turret’s targeting. Eventually Elam tied up Dairchan so he wouldn’t hurt anyone else, and proceeded to wade into the darkness to smash the Magi-turret with his chair.

Adamantine Chairs: the solution to every problem!

After exploring a bit more, and finding the fusebox, they manage to get the power turned on, and enter the code they found into a panel in the control booth, which unlocks the door switch. They proceed into the main portal room, and take a look into the control room. They find a large obvious switch on the wall with an indentation to insert the authorization signet ring they found in the president’s office. They also find a similar signet ring belonging to the head of this facility in his office along with 2 vials of [[:spl|Strange Purple Liquid. After determining that the magilectrical system of the base is pretty weak, and while it used up a lot of power to establish the portal, maintaining it does not require a lot of juice. The system probably won’t be able to take the effort of re-establishing the portal. The also realize that removing the signet ring will start the portal shutting down but it will take several seconds, allowing whoever removes the ring to run and leap through the portal. Everyone decides to head through the portal, with Daniel, Luke and Steven taking a flying leap at the end.

Totals as of 8-16-2013
Alex 201109
Daniel 156000
Luke 157255
Steven 198916

Tower cooldown is at 53 hours at 2AM on day 91.



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