Annihilations LLC.


After the talk with Tallsquare in the last session, he takes Dairchan on a tour of the thieve’s guild including the barracks (mainly used when people need a place to stay for a few days after they finish a job) training room filled with practice locks and stuffed dummies with bells all over them (and a secret exit), Moxxi’s former office, and the vault (a massive door a good 10 feet wide, with a triple nested central dial (with letters numbers and weird symbols), 4 outer dials, and 4 keyholes). After a good 40 minutes poking around with the thing, during which the rest of the party went off to explore the local marketplace, Dairchan discovers the entrance is via a trapdoor in Moxxi’s office (and finds a treasure map inside, along with many interesting and/or valuable items). As part of the effort to open the door, he realizes there is a pit trap in front of the vault door, that leads down to the ground floor. The floor is, however, weakened. After cracking the vault and explaining how to Tallsquare, Dairchan gathered the guild together for a celebration of new leadership. There was much drinking. After everyone was either passed out or gone home, the party got together to investigate the bottom of the pit trap. After busting it open by dropping an Adamantine chair on it. Underneath is a chamber of some kind with several bats that swarmed the party.

Tower cooldown is at 55 hours at 11:59:59pm of day 90.

Totals as of 8-8-2013
Luke:155255 (DING Lvl 11)



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