Roy Muska

Human. Expert on the technology of Urubaen.


Maintains a shop in Greenstone Bay, though whenever he has saved up enough cash, he rents it out for a short period to go on excavations to the Desert of Tarsis in order to search for Content Not Found: Urubaen relics.

Has a fair understanding of Urubaen technology (equivalent to a + 15 disable device that only works on Urubaen tech. Has enough notes on the language that he can slowly translate most text though not spoken words since he hasn’t heard any of it spoken aloud (+ 10 linguistics on any checks to translate). He does however know the basic words for Enter, Exit, Danger, Open, Close, On, Off, and Do Not Enter on sight.

Inventory: a marble. Also some other stuff. notes on composition of urubaen candies (written by kahleed)


Roy Muska

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